Time Off

This year we have shared our story, the good, the bad, and some of the ugly. Hubby and I are in a new season of our lives, changes we never saw coming, and we are going to take a break from writing. Our story is so beautiful and we want to share what God is doing right now, but I know that it will be better to sit in this season with Him not sharing until He has us to a new place.

Hubby and I both were so excited to start TheChallenge, this blog, and that season of our lives and marriage but now, we are at a different place. God is so good to us and always gives us exactly what we need and right now, I need a break from sharing. I didn’t understand why people didn’t connect to our story, but I am starting to understand. We had a lot of viewers, but no conversation. For a site to be helping others, the conversation is the biggest part, at least to me. We are going to keep this site, and on occasion, as God leads, I will catch you up on the life of the Ford’s.

Until I write again, I pray for each of you and that God would bring more when the story resumes on here. I know that God is working in and through this blog too, because the biggest thing I know is that He is in the details. For anyone that has gotten some healing from this or help, or anything, for that, I praise God. You are always welcome to PM us on Facebook with questions or comments, and I will always pray with you. God bless all who read, and your family!

“And I know that my God will make good of all things for those who love Him, for those called according to His purpose for them” Romans 8:28

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